Growers of rare breed cattle, rare breed sheep, and natural farm produce in Smeaton

1641 Daylesford-Clunes Road, Ullina 3370


Vale Hill House & Farm

Smeaton & Ullina

Vale Hill Farm, located on the fertile volcanic plains of scenic Smeaton, is one of the many business ventures of inspirational co-owners Chris Malden and Wayne Cross.

Vale Hill was bought with sustainability and food production in mind and it was always the owners vision to supply meat and fresh produce to the kitchens of their own restaurant and café.

Over the years Chris and Wayne worked to plant an orchard with a myriad of fruit trees, built their herd of rare breed British White and Highland cattle and rare breed Hampshire Down sheep mob.

Today there are more than 100 head of cattle and a similar number of sheep. The animals are fattened and finished among the lush green pastures at Musk and processed locally in nearby Kyneton. To ensure the meat and pelts avoid any undue stress or damage the animals are treated with utmost care and to reduce and eliminate waste, the large hides of the British Whites and Highland Cattle are prepared for sale along with the meat.

Alongside the resident animal population at Vale Hill, is an impressive orchard with hundreds of fruit trees – including varieties such as fig, quince, pears and apples, about 80 citrus trees – including blood oranges and ruby red grapefruit , 200 raspberry canes, 100 strawberry plants and a large vegetable plot producing seasonal favourites such as fennel, beetroot, garlic and artichokes. Hedging at the property has also been done with edible plants such as bay trees, carob and olives.

Bought in 2007, the 330 acre farm now provides fresh fruit, vegetables, lamb and beef for the kitchens of Boathouse Daylesford, Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel and The Argus Dining Room.