Spa Country has been bottling local mineral water since 2009.
Spring Creek is our new label.

14 Vincent St, Daylesford 3460


Spring Creek Mineral Water

Daylesford • Hepburn Springs • Macedon Ranges

Natural soft mineral water.
Sourced and bottled in Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges.
Crafted in the Swiss – Italian tradition of 1865.

We have crafted a sophisticated, fine bead, European style sparkling mineral water that is refreshingly soft. At it’s heart it respects the ‘liquid gold’ that has been the key to the Hepburn Springs community for over 150 years.

Our water is sourced from a single local spring and bottled near by in the Macedon Ranges.

Our label celebrates the self-styled custodians of the land who have understood that the magic of the districts mineral water is far greater than just the spring the water comes from, but the entire landscape.